Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On Hold

Sad news...I'm going to have to put the food challenge on hold until after we move. In this last crazy week I'm going to be packing and cleaning (specifically, cleaning out the fridge of all the remaining food in it, which doesn't include endives right now).

I'm sure you all know how is it...I think I was trying to achieve too much; more than I can right now!

So until then, I'll blog about not-so-fun things, like packing! haha

If ever there was a worse procrastinator than me...please step forward, or forever hold your peace. I may possibly be the worst.

In the time we knew we would be moving (aka: for the past 3 months), I have literally packed 2 bags of clothing and 3 medium-sized boxes. Medium-sized boxes! Not even legit big boxes!

And here I was this morning catching up on Oprah, doing chemistry and working out. Does one of those activities even involve packing?!? I don't think so. So it only seemed necessary to do a blog post after working out. Then after this post, of course I have to shower. Then after showering comes choosing what to wear and maybe even doing my hair and make-up (because we all know that has to get done eventually).

By then, who knows, maybe the hubby will be done at work. So once I pick him up, I can't just neglect him by packing...

So then it gets put off for another day. And low and behold, it will be Saturday before I know it!

Welcome to the mind of a procrastinator. A good true procrastinator that keeps typing to prevent from packing.

Ok, Ok, I'll get going...

What things do you do to get out of boooooring tasks?

How do you stay/get motivated to do these tasks?!


  1. MUSIC...really loud and fun music! When I am cleaning my house, I am having my own private, dorky dance party!

  2. Hi girl! I saw your post from the other day and I am posting my comment here, because I want to make sure you see it!

    I have the worst digestive system in the world. I take like 6 digestive enzymes a day! Those really help!

    Besides cutting out a wheat, I food combine!
    Here are some quick ideas:

    1. Never eat fruit with anything (not even oatmeal). Eat it on its own
    2. Eat protein (chicken, dairy, fish) only with vegetables, never with a grain!

    Try that out, trust me it does make a difference!