Saturday, October 2, 2010

October's Goals

So after watching Oprah (taped from yesterday), where she interviewed J.K. Rowling (amazing episode), I decided it was definitely time to write out my goals. J.K. Rowling spoke in 2008 at Harvard's graduation and she talked about failure...everyone experiences it, yet no one talks about it! How true is that statement. The most successful people have all experienced failure before they experienced's whether you give up or keep going that makes all the difference.

So back to setting goals, here are mine for October:
  • Have majority of stuff packed before the last week in October, leaving only the essential everyday items out until move day!
  • Move boxes to dad's house; a few at Thanksgiving (fill the jeep!) and the week after that
  • Keep experimenting in the kitchen, food is fun!
  • Change address for bills before end of October
  • Workout 3-4x a week (as long as weather permits), run every other day
  • Have an amazing first wedding anniversary!!
That's it for now!

What are your goals?

Make sure to record yours down and look at them daily so you know what you're working towards!!

Remember: Failure happens, but keep striving! Look at J.K. Rowling, she hit 'rockbottom' and knew it couldn't get any worse...the only way was up and look at her now. 

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  1. I def want to keep experimenting with food! Since I started a blog, I cannot STOP cooking and making up all these recipes! Hhaa. Its a serious obsession! =) Thats a great quote by J.K. Rowling-def something to think about when you feel like crap! So true!