Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Food Challenge

I know in my goals I posted that I would introduce one new food into my meal(s) each week and I haven't really been keeping on top of this one. So, in light of not appearing to follow through...this my attempt to follow through! I'm going to create a tab, called my 'New Food Challenge.' Each week I'll attempt to eat something new; here's the general ruling for it:

a) by new food, I mean something that I'm not familiar with, or let's say, something I haven't eaten within the past 5 years OR something I think I may not like/haven't liked in the past
b) this is no longer limited to just fruits and veggies; it can be anything
c) this is by no means to create stress, but to have fun with food and get creative!

There you have it. Should be simple and fun!

This week's challenge: molasses.

I'm currently using it in a glaze for my salmon as we speak!

Next plan: make oatmeal pumpkin bars using said food challenge ingredient!

I've never worked with molasses before so any pointers on what works well with it would be greatly appreciated!

Are there any new foods that you would like to try?
What are some new foods that you've just heard of?

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  1. I grew up having PB and mollases sandwiches. They are amazing, but not so healthy! You should train for a half marathon! I am training for my first and wish I would have blogged about it more!