Picking Goals

Everyone needs a little motivation, right? Well setting goals can really motivate you...trust me, I know! When I set goals (even if it's in the form of a 'to do' list) I feel at ease. I just try to cross them off when I can! Here's some goals I'm working on.

Char's Goals

1. Incorporate a new food into my diet every week
To find out what I'm eating, click here!

2. Do cardio and weight training 3-5 times a week
Part of this includes doing research for half-marathons...I think I'm ready to take one on!

3. Take more pictures!!
For my blog, enjoyment and to keep my past a part of me!

4. Become a Dietitian
This is not quite an immediate goal, but in 2-3 years this should be complete (through going back to school in September, 2011)

5. Drink more water
I used to drink 2000mL everyday (yes, I would actually count) and I want to get back to that place

6. Find a job!
It's been a few many months since I've had one (thank you for supporting me in the meantime hubbby) and I need one, if only for my independence. Come on decent job!

7. Complete chemistry
This means grade 11 and grade 12 chemistry (which I need before I can apply to school - deadline = May)

8. Cherish the moments I get to spend with friends and family
Moving across country makes you realize how important these things are

9. Spend more time doing beneficial things and spend less on time-wasters
I.e.: Get off Facebook and do chemistry or make dinner or working out or reading about new and interesting things! Basically, anything but Facebook.

Everyday...regardless of how tired I am!

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