Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bake Me A Cake!

So, I've become obsessed with baking lately...cake, muffins, bread and cookies! Let's look closely at the cake part...I really just wanted to bake a good vanilla cake with buttercream frosting (in my head, I put it close to being like a good wedding cake). I tried on Wednesday and...failed =(

So, yesterday I knew that was the day to try again! This time I would follow standard procedure, aka: a recipe that sounded perfect-o!

I knew I needed a few more ingredients for the cake, so I thought I would pick them up after dinner with the hubby...only problem was the waiting part. And by that I mean, waiting for the hubby to get back from the golf course so we could go for I did what a girl does best...take pictures when bored!

He gets home. We go for dinner. I pick up my ingredients...oh yaaa!

Fast forward through me measuring and mixing and now we have cake in the oven.

Look at that heat! So as they're baking, I'm now creaming butter.

Insert a few more ingredients, and voila, buttercream icing!

I was on a roll, so I kept it going by preparing my overnight oats!

And then...THE CAKE WAS DONE!! Waiting for it to cool was like watching ice melt. When it was finally cool, I put the icing on quicker than I could say, "I wanna eat you!" and then we were eating it!

 Very pleased with the end result!! The hubby approved of it too, and that's all a gal really needs!

Then, it was time for bed...

And I'm awake again, it's morning! 

The hubby goes to work and I just so happened to notice how neat the sky looked.

So pretty for 8am! Then my belly growls and I realize it's time for those overnight oats!

And who can resist some green tea?! (In a large Disney mug...the only mugs I ever use).

I don't know if it was the oatmeal, the tea, the season OR what everyone else is blogging about...but it was time to make a pumpkin loaf. Stay tuned!


  1. nicely done! :) i hate when I am SO in the mood for something... I attempt it and then... Major Fail! Take 2 looks amazing... nothing like a tasty "wedding - like" cake!

  2. Interesting Char, I never knew you had the Blog Bug in you. Lol. Good luck with the pumpkin loaf. xo

  3. That cake looks so good, omg! Thats my fav, vanilla with vanilla frosting! Yum =)