Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Driving, Driving, GONE!

So this drive across Canada and the states is almost completeeee! Only one more day left and we'll be home-sweet-home (to Ontario).

Here's what we've done so far:

  • Kelowna, BC to Calgary, Alberta (8 hour drive)
  • Calgary to Regina, Saskatchewan (8 hour drive)
  • Regina to Minneapolis, Minnesota (12 and a half hours)

So basically...a lot of driving. Enough to make you need some well deserved space from a vehicle for a while...and maybe the husband (just kidding hubby)!!!

How do you occupy yourself while driving long distances?

I've managed to take some pictures when we left BC...and let me tell ya, BC is beautiful. See for yourself!

You get so high up in the mountains that it turns from 15 degrees (celcius) with sunny, blue skies to -2 with clouds and snow everywhere...you wouldn't even imagine that you're in the same province and especially not on the same day!

Then, you eventually make your way to Alberta, and yet more beautiful mountains and a special little place called, Lake Louise. This is where you break up the brutally long drive and enjoy the scenery.

I would go back to this lake in a heart beat. When the sun's shining on this lake it's an amazing colour. Too bad the mountains were blocking it when we went...next time!

There you have it...the beauty of Canada!

After driving 12 and a half hours from Regina to Minneapolis, you need at least a day break. In comes staying at a friend of the hubby's, so we check out the Mall of America today, get an oil change, eat some Mexican and watch some poker...the perfect pre-driving-crazy-amount-of-hours day!! 

So, tomorrow, we drive SIXTEEN hours (sorry that needed bold and caps lock!)...please someone kill me now!

This means waking up at 5am to get home at 9pm...gross, right?

I'm honestly surprised I even had the energy to write this post...but, hey, when you need to blog, you blog!

I'm going to get my driving goggles on tomorrow and reeeeally good music.

What do you do to pass the hours in the car?
How do you make something so boring, fun?


  1. Take all of your clothes off!

  2. I love road trips - they are a lot of fun!