Friday, August 27, 2010

Hot, Hot, Heat!

Within the past year I have acquired a strong liking for spicy foods. I mean, so hot your lips are burning, kind of spice. I always like a challenge, and spicy foods do just that. How, you ask? Well, you're always challenging yourself to go hotter and hotter, which is exactly what I do when I'm making a spicy recipe. I guess overtime your tolerance to spice strengthens, so I keep on challenging myself!!

Also, I like the metabolic reaction the body has to spice, which is probably what made me begin eating it in the first place! Eating spicy foods increases your metabolism, which encourages your body to process foods more quickly, and that can mean one good thing - weight loss! I know spicy foods don't agree with everyone, but even incorporating a bit here and there might help you develop some sort of tolerance to a bit of heat!

Where to find spice: some great ways to add a little spice to your meals (even the simplest of meals) can be made through adding crushed chili flakes, chili powder, cayenne pepper, and peppers (jalapeno, serrano, banana, chipotle, etc), just to name a few. You could also add simple items like hot sauce/tabasco or any pre-made hot items in a can/bottle (I love chipotle peppers in adobe sauce).

How to add spice when cooking: I like to keep things simple and add them in places that don't complicate anything. Try making a spicy sauce for your meat next time (ex: pork tenderloin). I like to sprinkle crushed chili flakes into my mac 'n' cheese. Make a 'spicy butter' to put on your corn, instead of just using plain butter. Add a few chili peppers to your next batch of homemade guacamole. Or even grill up a few hot peppers on the bbq by adding a dollop of extra-virgin olive oil to the outside. Just be creative!

If those ideas don't work for you, then try your own creative ideas and have fun with food, because ultimately that's what it comes down to. If you don't experiment and make food exciting, then start now!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fresh Produce

Even though summer is coming to an end *sigh*, it doesn't mean that we still can't get great fresh and local produce. I've put together a poll just to see where everyone stands on produce and where you buy it!

There's this new show on called the '100 Mile Diet' (click here to find out more), which got me thinking about eating locally. I know it would be nearly impossible to do that for everything (remember: everything means salt, butter, flour, milk, eggs, etc), but it definitely is an interesting concept. I don't think I'm opposed to the idea, but it would take a lot of time and patience to find everything you need in order to prepare a nice LOCAL meal. This show got me thinking about local produce and what you can get locally, and just wanted to see what your opinion is and what you support!

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Yesterday was awesome. I had the opportunity to meet Tommy know, 'Bulging Brides' and 'Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp' guy, that works your ass off. Well, he was in Kelowna doing a class. I was debating for a few days whether to go or not, then I finally told my husband and he's the one that said, "just go for it!" Thank goodness for him, or else I probably would have just made some excuse not to go. But I'm glad I did, and glad I got to check out the gym where the class was being held. Had I never went to Tommy's class, I would have never got a chance to see how awesome the gym was on the inside (looks like crap from the outside, which is probably what has prevented me from ever wanting to register there!) and meet Tommy!

All-in-all, I got my butt kicked (in a good way), got to meet an awesome fitness leader and do something different. I'm one of those people who is afraid to do new things by myself, but sometimes it's good to do things you're scared of. You're not always going to have someone there to hold your hand for everything, so just take a chance!! The best part about the workout was getting to learn new things that I can now, go home and do on my own!! Best part!! That's my fitness update for now, until next time!!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Sometimes do you ever just feel...lost? I sometimes feel like I'm losing myself, but I'm not sure what into. I'm not lost when it comes to love; I have my husband. I'm not even lost in the sense that I don't know myself. I just feel lost when it comes to career.

For one, I want to work in the nutrition field. Now! But without the experience or schooling, I'm finding it nearly impossible. Even though I plan to go back to school in Fall of 2011, it feels like a lifetime away. How much longer can I go not fulfilling my career path? I know that everyone has to start somewhere to realize what it is that they really want. But I really want this, and now I must wait. Sometimes I get anxious and want to go now! But, I must hang in there, since only time will tell what will happen.

As anxious or antsy that I am, I'm glad I decided to do what I'm doing...I just need to calm down a bit. Perhaps even breathe a bit deeper and appreciate right now. Or, even cook a nice meal (which definitely fulfills my achievements in the day - knowing I am always learning and staying close to nutrition and food). Things will come if you're patient...and I'm still working on this!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Challenge & Realization

So today I did the thing that all women try to avoid...taking pictures in a bathing suit. These were not your usual 'at the beach' photos though, these were an attempt at 'before' pictures.

The good thing about 'before' pictures:
-motivation to improve!
-realization that your body isn't as good as you thought it was (this is good, because you NEED that realization to get your ass in gear)
-when change is successful, you can look back and laugh at it, and appreciate how hard you worked

The bad thing about 'before' pictures:
-wow, you're gross!
-you realize that, that is what you truly look like (camera's don't lie!)
-you've probably been in denial for upwards of 6 months
-until the change starts happening, this is what you will continue to look like!

Taking the pictures was the right move though, it has honestly encouraged me to workout hard! It's my challenge. My challenge because I want to take picture in a few months time and say, "wow, look how far I've come along." This was my first time ever taking 'before' pictures (I always thought they were a bit tacky, since they are always shown on the baaaad infomercials), but I just decided to do it, because it holds myself accountable to improving those images - unless I could find an identical (skinny) twin to pose for me haha!

Depending on how the tone-up goes, maybe once complete, I'll post the before AND after pic (since the 'before' won't be as embarrassing if there's an amazing 'after' to follow)...just maybe. Actually, I WILL post them once I have successfully gotten to the place I want to be...this is me being positive and convincing myself that I will be successful. Your mind is a powerful thing and can really determine how things turn out. But, I'll save that for another post!!

Happy working out everyone! I hope that you are successful as well.

PS- To see what I'm doing to get in shape, click here! It is sooo intense.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Going Green!!

So I recently (and finally!!) purchased a juicer. It has been a long awaited treat for me! Not only was I VERY patient in waiting to purchase it (they don't come cheap!), but also very pleased with my timing. It just so happened to be on sale, and we had leftover gift cards from our wedding. So virtually, it's like I got an almost free juicer (sale + gift card = amazing). It being on sale was definitely the bonus, but I most likely would have gotten it either way, since I was dying to get one! Here's what I got:

Reason for purchase: I've been interested in becoming a raw foodist (or eating close to it, like a 75/25 thing), and they juice every morning; a wonderful thing called "green juice/smoothie." I knew that if I was truly dedicated to becoming a 75% raw foodist (tehe), then this was my stepping stone. Now what is a green drink or green smoothie, besides the obvious of it being green?! It contains wonderful green veggies, including some fruit for sweetness, where the ratio is 60/40 (go veggies!).

At first, I thought, "that is gross, there's no way I'm drinking that!" then the more and more I read, the more and more it started to appeal to me, to the point I HAD to get a juicer (hence, the first paragraph). I'm biiiiiig into nutrition and besides investigating raw foodism as an educational approach, I also like to see what the benefits are of different diets out there. With raw foodism, I happened to like the concept and it's approach to eating, which brings me back to green juices - the essence of a raw foodist. They are a nutritional powerhouse, releasing tons of enzymes into the body and replenishing the system! The amazing thing about the 60/40 rule is that, by adding 40% fruit to your juice, you cannot even taste the veggies. Let me repeat that, you cannot even taste the veggies! It's like a V8, but WAY better for you (plus, it's not a 'been sitting in a can for ages' thing)! From my readings, the best fruits to neutralize the veggie flavour are apples and lemons; especially the lemon, it is essential! I've even got my husband hooked on them! I think not only raw foodist's should be drinking these, but everyone! Fresh, healthy and simple.

I don't know if it's the idea of drinking such a nutritional drink or if it was actually doing it's job, but the day I made my first green juice (also, the first day I used my new juicer!!), I felt like I could do anything!! It just made me feel great and I had tons of energy. Since that day, my husband and I have been juicing every morning, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

So there you have it...I went green. Green and loving it!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I feel like lately I haven't been true to myself and what I actually believe!

Here's what I believe:
-proper nutrition is VERY important
-working out or getting exercise (at least 30 mins a day) in order to stay active and fit
-trying new and healthy recipes to incorporate new fresh foods that you would normally not use
-allow yourself some splurges - you cannot completely deprive yourself of the 'bad' stuff
-be true to yourself

And here's what I've been doing instead:
-not enjoying proper nutrition that I know I need AND want
-not getting enough exercise due to poor decision making (such as drinking or eating bad foods)
-not experimenting with new foods and new ways to cook these foods
-splurging waaaaaay too much on the bad foods for the body
-not being true to myself

I can't say I hate myself, but sometimes I feel very close to it. Why? Because if I really wanted the body that I desire and picture in my head, then why I am taking all these wrong steps and doing all these bad things, which put me further away from my goal? This is a cycle that goes on continuously for me. Will this finally be my realization that something needs to change? I know I created this blog specifically for that purpose; to explain about all the benefits of food and fitness, now I just need to listen to myself! Also, I need to stop limiting myself by saying what I shouldn't be doing or how I should be looking - this is where 'acceptance' comes into place. I need to learn to accept who I am today and make decisions for the future. Every decision I make can either benefit me or put me further away from my goal...the choice is mine.

So in reality I should be taking 'disappointment' and doing this to it: disappointment. I just need to start NOW to make those decisions that will ultimately lead to a better me, and provide the right grounds for this amazing blog!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Blog!!

So...I've created a blog and am super excited to start using it! I know that I still have a lot to learn, and hopefully I'll learn more from others in the blogging world.

Inspiration for this blog: Well, I've always wanted to start a blog...and by that I mean, I have started a FEW blogs back in the day, that lead to nowhere and maybe haunting cyberspace to this day! I'm very particular and something has to be perfect or at least be 'right' in order for me to do them. Even coming up with a name for my bog was a challenge. I've actually changed the name once! (food&fitnessRfun to this). I changed the name a fews weeks after I created the blog - so this is me coming back and altering my first post. I just want a place to write and have fun. I hope my blog can inspire others like their blogs have done for me. Great work can be achieved through a blog!

Now onto a little bit about me in a nutshell:

Name: Charmaine Michelle McGhie
Birthday: May 16th, 1986
Current town: Kelowna, BC (It's gorgeous!)
Hometown: Orangeville, ON (Not so gorgeous!)
Goals: To become a dietitian and would LOVE to be raw food nutritionist one day and educate others on the benefits of eating well
Favourite way to sweat: I LOVE running and always challenging myself
Guilty pleasure: would have to go with dark chocolate on that one!
Twitter: You can follow me here

There you have it. Successful first post and hopefully onto many others.