Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bigger & Better.

So...obviously I haven't wrote on my blog in a LONG time...but it's just my nature to get bored creative and start thinking of other new and exciting names I could call my blog...which leads to creating a new blog, altogether.

I thought, and thought, and thought some more...and I want a blog where the title actually focuses on the fact that I love nutrition and fitness. Sorry 'Perfectly Picked' but what seemed like a good idea in the beginning is starting to fade. You seemed right at the time, but...I'm picky...very picky. And I can't have it unless it's right (the husband knows this well).

So as I sort through my brain for ideas for a new blog, I leave you with this question:

Do you have any ideas for blog names...that have 'Char' in the title? lol

RIP 'Perfectly Picked' ... you were great while it lasted!


Thursday, December 2, 2010


So I'm finally in Florida. Although, I've been here since Sunday, the delay in a post is due to my lack of internet. Luckily, I have managed to steal it off the neighbours (thanks guys!)

I've reunited with the husband (yay), but the weather isn't so great (boo). We went to the outlets yesterday and to the mall today...bad for the wallet!

So pleeeeeeease Mother Nature, make me a happy lady and bring the warmth again (and my wallet will thank me)!

Even with the bad weather, it can't put a damper on my mood because we have two friends coming into town tomorrow and for this, I am excited.

I really am truly a boring person and can't even think of anything else to post on....I pretty much, eat shop, drink some tea, then watch tv...the true Florida life?

Oh, and go out for great dinner deals...who doesn't love cheap night?

This is where I would normally insert a cutesy out-to-dinner pictures, but since I'm stealing internet and it's super options are limited (aka: it won't let me upload!!!!)

I promise next post I'll get back into the swing of writing and write something much more entertaining and better put...sorry guys.

What do you like to do when you're on vacation?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Mindset, Part II

Ok, so I also wanted to talk about my new experiences at the new gym!

Classes....oh, sweet, classes.

For the very first time, I attempted a spin class today. It was definitely challenging...and intimidating (which is most likely why I've been scared to try one until now). But, I did my best...that might included pretending like I was turning up the intensity, when I really wasn't...oops!

Also did an 'On the Ball' class this morning (after spin) and it was ok. I wanted to do it to say I tried it, but I probably won't do it again! But still good! Just involved use of the exercise ball, warming up with some cardio while holding the ball, then some actual work on the ball.

Last night, I was lucky enough to try out this new system called 'Kinesis.' I just happened to be at the gym when the trainer was doing a trial with the new equipment (you can only use kinesis with a trainer), so I hoped off the treadmill and gave it a shot! We did a circuit, where 3 moves involved the use of kinesis, but the others were challenging as well!

So in the past 24 hours, I've done those 3 different classes and plan on trying a Zumba class out in my hometown with a friend. It's suppose to be on of the better Zumba classes offered in Orangeville, which should be gooooood!

What are your favourite workout classes?
What kind of activities do you like besides workout classes?

New Mindset

It's crazy how you can feel so different when you live in a place that's not truly home to you. When the hubby and I originally moved across Canada (from Ontario to BC), I thought it would be a great opportunity for change, fresh starts and new scenery. Quickly, I realized how much I missed home.

In Kelowna, BC, near the end, I felt so unmotivated, anti-social and truly missing friends and family. I struggled to even work out! There were days when I would sit in all day using my chemistry course as my excuse for doing just that!

That all changed when I moved back home! I was talking to friends and family again, and felt happy *phew*

I signed up at this awesome gym, too! Get has a workout area with TV's on the treadmills and bikes (and I must also mention that ALL of the equipment is top of the line), has towel service with a lovely sauna and steam room, racquet courts, 4 indoor tennis courts (plus, 4 outside, as well), fitness classes included in membership (I know this is normal, but had to add it!) AND last but not least, heated floors.

A dream come true gym, that's locally owned, and I would much rather support them than big corporations!

So, now that I'm back into my fitness routine and spending as much time as I can with friends, I feel like myself again!

Where there any times that you felt upset or depressed from a situation you didn't like?
What help keeps you happy and motivated?
What features do you love about the gym that you go to?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Round of Applause

If you're going to blog, you're going to commit yourself to a looooot of people (perhaps, even ones you don't know). 

You're personal, and honest. Well...most of the time ;)

Two of my good friends (here and here) recently started blogging about their weight loss goals and I'm so proud of them. I think along with being very personal, it takes great courage to lay it all on the line for everyone to see.

This goes for all bloggers.

Blogging seriously makes you accountable for your success or failure (which I hope is not the case).

Bringing me back to my favourite category: goals.

My two lovely friends made their blogs to keep them accountable but to also reach their goals.

Here's what I learned (and some relearned) about setting goals:
  • You should get a notebook and each morning when you wake...I repeat each morning when you wake up, write down your goals...
  • What are my goals?  These should be 8-10 goals you wish to achieve in the next 12 months that you will write in this notebook everyday
  • By writing everyday, you are convincing your subconscious of these goals
  • Always write your goals in the present, without negativity
Example: I am a non-smoker vs. I don't smoke, I weigh X amount of pounds by: __________

So get writing and get reaching your goals!!!

Here's a clip from a great, great motivational speaker, Brian Tracy, who makes goal setting easy and shows you how it can be successful.

If you haven't thought about setting goals lately, what are some that you can think of off the top of your head?
Would you be willing to write down your goals everyday if it meant you achieving them?

Brian Tracy: If You Could Achieve One Goal in 24 Hours

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Me = Bad Blogger

Ok, just to reiterate this well known fact...time flies by!

Had I of known/realized the last time I posted was well over a century ago, I would have posted sooner. Alas, here I am to save my blog's day! I'm sure my blog has some questions to ask me...let's give it a second...

Where have you been, oh grateful one??
Oh silly blog, you're so kind. I've been catching up on life with people I haven't seen in months. It feels so nice to see friends that I haven't seen since returning from BC or even before Australia (which I left for in November and got back from in March...yikes!)

So they were well worth my attention =) That, along with unpacking and studying has kept me from you! I guess driving across North America proooobably got in the way, as well!

Now that you're back, will you be posting on me daily?
I now realize, maybe I was a little over-ambitious to try and post everyday, but I honestly find blogging enjoyable and will do it after the other life things get done! Whether it's every other day or every few days...I WILL try to post something!

Did you miss me and what can I expect from you? Your neglect has made me rather uneasy...
Of course I missed you and I will try, try, try to post more about life and all the juicy details it comes with. Like I said, sorry for the neglect little fellow, but I'm here for ya're taking this too seriously, blog, we need to remember what this is between you and I...strictly business.

So there you have it.

Back. Blogging. And Busy, busy!

I'm going to resume the new food challenge shortly (after I get my bearings in place) and that is that.

One slight downfall...hubby drove to Florida and took the camera with him. Luckily, I'm with family right now and if I can...I'll do it...I'll steal someone's camera. It's much more fun cooking and blogging when you have a camera (as a reader and a blog-poster).

Until next time (which I'm not putting a date on!), have yourselves a lovely week!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Driving, Driving, GONE!

So this drive across Canada and the states is almost completeeee! Only one more day left and we'll be home-sweet-home (to Ontario).

Here's what we've done so far:

  • Kelowna, BC to Calgary, Alberta (8 hour drive)
  • Calgary to Regina, Saskatchewan (8 hour drive)
  • Regina to Minneapolis, Minnesota (12 and a half hours)

So basically...a lot of driving. Enough to make you need some well deserved space from a vehicle for a while...and maybe the husband (just kidding hubby)!!!

How do you occupy yourself while driving long distances?

I've managed to take some pictures when we left BC...and let me tell ya, BC is beautiful. See for yourself!

You get so high up in the mountains that it turns from 15 degrees (celcius) with sunny, blue skies to -2 with clouds and snow wouldn't even imagine that you're in the same province and especially not on the same day!

Then, you eventually make your way to Alberta, and yet more beautiful mountains and a special little place called, Lake Louise. This is where you break up the brutally long drive and enjoy the scenery.

I would go back to this lake in a heart beat. When the sun's shining on this lake it's an amazing colour. Too bad the mountains were blocking it when we time!

There you have it...the beauty of Canada!

After driving 12 and a half hours from Regina to Minneapolis, you need at least a day break. In comes staying at a friend of the hubby's, so we check out the Mall of America today, get an oil change, eat some Mexican and watch some poker...the perfect pre-driving-crazy-amount-of-hours day!! 

So, tomorrow, we drive SIXTEEN hours (sorry that needed bold and caps lock!)...please someone kill me now!

This means waking up at 5am to get home at 9pm...gross, right?

I'm honestly surprised I even had the energy to write this post...but, hey, when you need to blog, you blog!

I'm going to get my driving goggles on tomorrow and reeeeally good music.

What do you do to pass the hours in the car?
How do you make something so boring, fun?