Friday, October 8, 2010


I have been a terrible blogger lately. I'd like to pretend like I had some excuses, but I really don't. I have been trying to get some more chemistry out of the way (my goal is to have it done by February, but in all honesty, at the rate I'm going, the new date has moved up to next month)!! Also, we're moving next month, so I'm constantly thinking about what absolutely needs to go and what to pack (I managed to accomplish all this while not packing - it's bittersweet).

I haven't had much luck with finding a job I really liked this past summer (yes, I realize it's fall now), so instead of settling, luckily my husband was making good enough money that he let me stay home (yay!) opposed to going to a job that made me cry everyday. On that note, I at the very least signed up with a temp agency, so for every odd job (which happen to not be a lot) they'll call me to work. My next odd job (which is actually only my second lol) is tomorrow; I'm helping out with a jewelry auction at a hotel's work! And since we're moving, it's too late now to find something stable.

This brings me back to getting my butt moving on finishing my chemistry course. When I think chemistry, I think getting accepted into the Applied Human Nutrition program, then I think becoming a Registered Dietitian and finally having a job that I'm passionate about!

I have a few recipes to post, but I'm just too tired to do that right now. I at least wanted to post something on here...and maybe not be so terrible.

How about tomorrow I make it up to you, blog? I hope you can forgive me!

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  1. Good luck girl with chem, the science courses are whats holding me back from getting a career in nutrition. I am just so afraid! cant wait till you start posting again! =)