Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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Sometimes the hardest thing to do is write what you feel, what you know or what you think. I have all these ideas in my head, but to form a simple sentence seems nearly impossible! What I know: I love food, nutrition and fitness; so why can't I formulate a blog on something from one of those categories?!

I must admit that sometimes I'm easily distracted (by tv, by book, by cleaning, by simply doing nothing but wasting time), but I want to be a good writer and I want people to find what I read amazing, like some of the blogs I read. I guess the answer is that I have a lot to learn. My biggest dilemma is admitting that I need to take more time to learn things; but, this is exactly what I must do if I want to grow and understand everything about the blogging world. So for now, I'll keep reading and investigating...and take more pictures. I always love a blog with tons of bright and beautiful photos, and this is what I aspire for mine to look like as well. Until then, blog world, keep in touch.

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