Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vinegar's what I thought I had been smelling ALL morning; only problem was I couldn't localize where the smell was coming from! It was driving me craaaazyyyyy! So crazy, that I thought the smell was coming from my I cleaned it out! Pro: got rid of stuff that probably was sitting in there longer than it should have been; con: the smell was still there.

So, I escaped out of the house and went on a nice, long walk only to return to the smell. By now (hours later) it was literally driving me nuts; and I have a strong sense of smell to begin with. Back over to the fridge I went...then I thought it was something that got spilled ON the fridge itself, so I wiped it down. Which lead to me finding something dripping from the cupboard above (where we keep wine and liqours). Oh no! was my first thought...what has sat in there so long that now smells like vinegar?! Nope...not the liquor's even above that! Source of the problem:

A mini-keg my husband had won months ago, which was sitting on top of the top cupboard. He had tapped it months ago when a friend was over...and I guess thought it would sit and age? turned into vinegar smelling grossness. Thanks hunny!

I'm sooo happy to have the mystery smell GONE! I might clean the area a few more times just to make sure the smell is officially gone.

Ok...onto happy smell-less notes! Yesterday was my blah day; I had a sore throat and was just content with rest and relaxation, but I did manage to make a tasty banana bread (recipe from another blogger; click here). I changed it a bit (minus the walnuts and switched sugars a bit), but still turned out perfect!

I also made some pumpkin picture to follow as I need to alter the recipe for them until it's juuuuust right!

So I was hoping I would sleep off this sore throat, but low and behold, I woke up with it again today =( ...time for some gingerale...for healing properties only, of course! And some exercise to make me feel good in general.

I read something interesting in this month's Women's Health about working out and more importantly how you see yourself working out. It says, "if you identify yourself as a runner, you'll be more inclined to lace up your sneakers than someone who sees herself as a couch potato."

I've been struggling lately with getting up and walking around my area (I would much rather go to the running trail or to the gym, not around a subdivision), so I did picture myself walking around the neighbourhood and actually got out and did it (plus, got me away from the 'vinegar' smell)! The great thing about it, was I walked to this pretty cool part of my area where you can see all of downtown (bare with my phone time need actually camera!)

It's just such a lovely view and makes for an amazing place to build a house! After my lovely walk, I came home and had the essentials:

I love coconut water and saw today (on another blog) that you can buy actual juice-like containers of coconut water...thank goodness for that find!

After the walk and coconut water it was time to blog!!! It's been a great Saturday so far!

Tonight, my husband and I are going to a wine and beer taster, which I'm excited about...just to get out and do something with friends!

What are your plans for the rest of the weekend?

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  1. I would have killed my husband!!! :)

    I hate not knowing where smells come from.. one time my dad put frozen shrimp on top of the freezer when he was trying to find something else and forgot to put it back in.. we searched for DAYS for the smell and then realize after where it was actually coming from. Gross.