Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Love Lazy Days

So yesterday was awesome; time with the hubby!! My husband typically gets Tuesday's and Wednesday's off work...having said that, sometimes his days off actually turn into, "well, I have to play 36 holes in this golf tournament today" ...aka: this past Tuesday. Oh, by the way, my husband's a golf pro.

Since Tuesday was a write-off, he made up for it on Wednesday (after golfing 18 holes + teaching a lesson). We started off with some delicious Starbucks (which I have kinda become obsessed with!)

After getting some hearty warm drinks (for the not so warm temperature) my hubby (Tyler - yes, he has a name!!) and I decided to take a stroll downtown. Now let me tell you about downtown Kelowna...we live faaaaaaaaaar from it, and hardly ever venture down there!

We decided to go downtown since we haven't checked out the big, bad Kelowna casino yet. We parked, made it to the casino, got up the escalator to enter and the security guard said, "sorry you can't bring your drinks into the casino." So, since we just spent numerous dollars on expensive drinks from Starbucks, we decided that we got our glimpse of the casino to say we saw it, and we were on our way. It actually worked out perfect because we ended up on a park bench downtown and spent the time talking instead.

It's sooo refreshing to just have a good conversation with someone...especially when that someone is married to you!! After a nice convo, we made our way back to our jeep and didn't realize how late it had gotten (was approaching dinner time!).

To be more financially-sound, we've been trying to eat at home a lot, and clean out the cupboards (since we are moving out next month, it's time to destock on the food we've collected over the past 6 months or so), but tonight was different. We both wanted to eat out and we both wanted sushi.

Thank goodness for twitter...someone sent me a tweet with 2 good sushi places in Kelowna (because we hadn't even got a chance to eat sushi yet while living in Kelowna...we moved here SIX months ago...what was our deal?!). Luckily, one of the sushi places was just around the corner from where we were at that moment, so we made our way over there. Let me just say was delicious!!!! I was very impressed and now I want more!! So if you live in Kelowna or are ever wanting sushi here, go to Mabui Sushi!

After sushi, we came home and I prepped for my show. Now, I can't say this enough, but...I absolutely LOVE Masterchef!! I live for Wednesday evenings!! I prepped for my show (and let's be honest, no one needs to prep for a show...but doesn't it just sound better??) by doing some workouts; basically I was prepping my body to not store all the delicious sushi I just ate on parts of my body that I don't want it to go, aka: my thighs! So I did some jumping lunges, and regular and plie squats with my medicine ball and of course, also did some ab work.

I was not sad to see Sharone leave the show...he was too cocky and arrogant for me. I get that he was a good chef, but he's a prime example of trying to push things too far for appraisal. In the end, he was sent home. Which leaves me relieved to know that Lee has a 25% chance of winning and same to Whitney, who I also thinks has potential to be the first Masterchef!

Who do you think will win it all?

That's it for now!! Let's hope I can make today as much fun as yesterday. Happy Thursday, everyone. Or has Chad Ochocinco tweeted today: "OH S.H.I.T = OH So Happy Its Thursday!"

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