Thursday, August 19, 2010


Sometimes do you ever just feel...lost? I sometimes feel like I'm losing myself, but I'm not sure what into. I'm not lost when it comes to love; I have my husband. I'm not even lost in the sense that I don't know myself. I just feel lost when it comes to career.

For one, I want to work in the nutrition field. Now! But without the experience or schooling, I'm finding it nearly impossible. Even though I plan to go back to school in Fall of 2011, it feels like a lifetime away. How much longer can I go not fulfilling my career path? I know that everyone has to start somewhere to realize what it is that they really want. But I really want this, and now I must wait. Sometimes I get anxious and want to go now! But, I must hang in there, since only time will tell what will happen.

As anxious or antsy that I am, I'm glad I decided to do what I'm doing...I just need to calm down a bit. Perhaps even breathe a bit deeper and appreciate right now. Or, even cook a nice meal (which definitely fulfills my achievements in the day - knowing I am always learning and staying close to nutrition and food). Things will come if you're patient...and I'm still working on this!

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