Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I feel like lately I haven't been true to myself and what I actually believe!

Here's what I believe:
-proper nutrition is VERY important
-working out or getting exercise (at least 30 mins a day) in order to stay active and fit
-trying new and healthy recipes to incorporate new fresh foods that you would normally not use
-allow yourself some splurges - you cannot completely deprive yourself of the 'bad' stuff
-be true to yourself

And here's what I've been doing instead:
-not enjoying proper nutrition that I know I need AND want
-not getting enough exercise due to poor decision making (such as drinking or eating bad foods)
-not experimenting with new foods and new ways to cook these foods
-splurging waaaaaay too much on the bad foods for the body
-not being true to myself

I can't say I hate myself, but sometimes I feel very close to it. Why? Because if I really wanted the body that I desire and picture in my head, then why I am taking all these wrong steps and doing all these bad things, which put me further away from my goal? This is a cycle that goes on continuously for me. Will this finally be my realization that something needs to change? I know I created this blog specifically for that purpose; to explain about all the benefits of food and fitness, now I just need to listen to myself! Also, I need to stop limiting myself by saying what I shouldn't be doing or how I should be looking - this is where 'acceptance' comes into place. I need to learn to accept who I am today and make decisions for the future. Every decision I make can either benefit me or put me further away from my goal...the choice is mine.

So in reality I should be taking 'disappointment' and doing this to it: disappointment. I just need to start NOW to make those decisions that will ultimately lead to a better me, and provide the right grounds for this amazing blog!

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  1. So true!! I am the same way, or well I was. You keep thinking okay I'm going to do this, but really only YOU can make it happen. I just started making it happen a few weeks ago. Once you get a routine, its all good and it's a lot easier to stick to eating right and exercising. I also agree with splurges as well. It's not bad as long as your exercising and not over doing it! I've been thinking about starting a blog too to hold myself accountable! Looking forward to reading more from your blog!