Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Challenge & Realization

So today I did the thing that all women try to avoid...taking pictures in a bathing suit. These were not your usual 'at the beach' photos though, these were an attempt at 'before' pictures.

The good thing about 'before' pictures:
-motivation to improve!
-realization that your body isn't as good as you thought it was (this is good, because you NEED that realization to get your ass in gear)
-when change is successful, you can look back and laugh at it, and appreciate how hard you worked

The bad thing about 'before' pictures:
-wow, you're gross!
-you realize that, that is what you truly look like (camera's don't lie!)
-you've probably been in denial for upwards of 6 months
-until the change starts happening, this is what you will continue to look like!

Taking the pictures was the right move though, it has honestly encouraged me to workout hard! It's my challenge. My challenge because I want to take picture in a few months time and say, "wow, look how far I've come along." This was my first time ever taking 'before' pictures (I always thought they were a bit tacky, since they are always shown on the baaaad infomercials), but I just decided to do it, because it holds myself accountable to improving those images - unless I could find an identical (skinny) twin to pose for me haha!

Depending on how the tone-up goes, maybe once complete, I'll post the before AND after pic (since the 'before' won't be as embarrassing if there's an amazing 'after' to follow)...just maybe. Actually, I WILL post them once I have successfully gotten to the place I want to be...this is me being positive and convincing myself that I will be successful. Your mind is a powerful thing and can really determine how things turn out. But, I'll save that for another post!!

Happy working out everyone! I hope that you are successful as well.

PS- To see what I'm doing to get in shape, click here! It is sooo intense.

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