Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Going Green!!

So I recently (and finally!!) purchased a juicer. It has been a long awaited treat for me! Not only was I VERY patient in waiting to purchase it (they don't come cheap!), but also very pleased with my timing. It just so happened to be on sale, and we had leftover gift cards from our wedding. So virtually, it's like I got an almost free juicer (sale + gift card = amazing). It being on sale was definitely the bonus, but I most likely would have gotten it either way, since I was dying to get one! Here's what I got:

Reason for purchase: I've been interested in becoming a raw foodist (or eating close to it, like a 75/25 thing), and they juice every morning; a wonderful thing called "green juice/smoothie." I knew that if I was truly dedicated to becoming a 75% raw foodist (tehe), then this was my stepping stone. Now what is a green drink or green smoothie, besides the obvious of it being green?! It contains wonderful green veggies, including some fruit for sweetness, where the ratio is 60/40 (go veggies!).

At first, I thought, "that is gross, there's no way I'm drinking that!" then the more and more I read, the more and more it started to appeal to me, to the point I HAD to get a juicer (hence, the first paragraph). I'm biiiiiig into nutrition and besides investigating raw foodism as an educational approach, I also like to see what the benefits are of different diets out there. With raw foodism, I happened to like the concept and it's approach to eating, which brings me back to green juices - the essence of a raw foodist. They are a nutritional powerhouse, releasing tons of enzymes into the body and replenishing the system! The amazing thing about the 60/40 rule is that, by adding 40% fruit to your juice, you cannot even taste the veggies. Let me repeat that, you cannot even taste the veggies! It's like a V8, but WAY better for you (plus, it's not a 'been sitting in a can for ages' thing)! From my readings, the best fruits to neutralize the veggie flavour are apples and lemons; especially the lemon, it is essential! I've even got my husband hooked on them! I think not only raw foodist's should be drinking these, but everyone! Fresh, healthy and simple.

I don't know if it's the idea of drinking such a nutritional drink or if it was actually doing it's job, but the day I made my first green juice (also, the first day I used my new juicer!!), I felt like I could do anything!! It just made me feel great and I had tons of energy. Since that day, my husband and I have been juicing every morning, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

So there you have it...I went green. Green and loving it!

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