Monday, August 23, 2010

Fresh Produce

Even though summer is coming to an end *sigh*, it doesn't mean that we still can't get great fresh and local produce. I've put together a poll just to see where everyone stands on produce and where you buy it!

There's this new show on called the '100 Mile Diet' (click here to find out more), which got me thinking about eating locally. I know it would be nearly impossible to do that for everything (remember: everything means salt, butter, flour, milk, eggs, etc), but it definitely is an interesting concept. I don't think I'm opposed to the idea, but it would take a lot of time and patience to find everything you need in order to prepare a nice LOCAL meal. This show got me thinking about local produce and what you can get locally, and just wanted to see what your opinion is and what you support!

[polldaddy poll=3644520]


  1. My work had this farmer's market thing, but just lost the funding. Just when I was going to start getting my produce that way. Right now it's the grocery store, but when I have more time, I want to look into local grown stuff as well.

  2. Char - 100 Mile Diet was actually first a series of online articles, then a book. The book is called 100 Mile Diet and is written by James MacKinnon and Alisa Smith. It's really interesting to read about their initial challenge, especially since they are Canadian and living in Vancouver. Check it out! A great read about local food.