Monday, November 15, 2010

Round of Applause

If you're going to blog, you're going to commit yourself to a looooot of people (perhaps, even ones you don't know). 

You're personal, and honest. Well...most of the time ;)

Two of my good friends (here and here) recently started blogging about their weight loss goals and I'm so proud of them. I think along with being very personal, it takes great courage to lay it all on the line for everyone to see.

This goes for all bloggers.

Blogging seriously makes you accountable for your success or failure (which I hope is not the case).

Bringing me back to my favourite category: goals.

My two lovely friends made their blogs to keep them accountable but to also reach their goals.

Here's what I learned (and some relearned) about setting goals:
  • You should get a notebook and each morning when you wake...I repeat each morning when you wake up, write down your goals...
  • What are my goals?  These should be 8-10 goals you wish to achieve in the next 12 months that you will write in this notebook everyday
  • By writing everyday, you are convincing your subconscious of these goals
  • Always write your goals in the present, without negativity
Example: I am a non-smoker vs. I don't smoke, I weigh X amount of pounds by: __________

So get writing and get reaching your goals!!!

Here's a clip from a great, great motivational speaker, Brian Tracy, who makes goal setting easy and shows you how it can be successful.

If you haven't thought about setting goals lately, what are some that you can think of off the top of your head?
Would you be willing to write down your goals everyday if it meant you achieving them?

Brian Tracy: If You Could Achieve One Goal in 24 Hours

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