Sunday, November 14, 2010

Me = Bad Blogger

Ok, just to reiterate this well known fact...time flies by!

Had I of known/realized the last time I posted was well over a century ago, I would have posted sooner. Alas, here I am to save my blog's day! I'm sure my blog has some questions to ask me...let's give it a second...

Where have you been, oh grateful one??
Oh silly blog, you're so kind. I've been catching up on life with people I haven't seen in months. It feels so nice to see friends that I haven't seen since returning from BC or even before Australia (which I left for in November and got back from in March...yikes!)

So they were well worth my attention =) That, along with unpacking and studying has kept me from you! I guess driving across North America proooobably got in the way, as well!

Now that you're back, will you be posting on me daily?
I now realize, maybe I was a little over-ambitious to try and post everyday, but I honestly find blogging enjoyable and will do it after the other life things get done! Whether it's every other day or every few days...I WILL try to post something!

Did you miss me and what can I expect from you? Your neglect has made me rather uneasy...
Of course I missed you and I will try, try, try to post more about life and all the juicy details it comes with. Like I said, sorry for the neglect little fellow, but I'm here for ya're taking this too seriously, blog, we need to remember what this is between you and I...strictly business.

So there you have it.

Back. Blogging. And Busy, busy!

I'm going to resume the new food challenge shortly (after I get my bearings in place) and that is that.

One slight downfall...hubby drove to Florida and took the camera with him. Luckily, I'm with family right now and if I can...I'll do it...I'll steal someone's camera. It's much more fun cooking and blogging when you have a camera (as a reader and a blog-poster).

Until next time (which I'm not putting a date on!), have yourselves a lovely week!

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