Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Mindset

It's crazy how you can feel so different when you live in a place that's not truly home to you. When the hubby and I originally moved across Canada (from Ontario to BC), I thought it would be a great opportunity for change, fresh starts and new scenery. Quickly, I realized how much I missed home.

In Kelowna, BC, near the end, I felt so unmotivated, anti-social and truly missing friends and family. I struggled to even work out! There were days when I would sit in all day using my chemistry course as my excuse for doing just that!

That all changed when I moved back home! I was talking to friends and family again, and felt happy *phew*

I signed up at this awesome gym, too! Get this...it has a workout area with TV's on the treadmills and bikes (and I must also mention that ALL of the equipment is top of the line), has towel service with a lovely sauna and steam room, racquet courts, 4 indoor tennis courts (plus, 4 outside, as well), fitness classes included in membership (I know this is normal, but had to add it!) AND last but not least, heated floors.

A dream come true gym, that's locally owned, and I would much rather support them than big corporations!

So, now that I'm back into my fitness routine and spending as much time as I can with friends, I feel like myself again!

Where there any times that you felt upset or depressed from a situation you didn't like?
What help keeps you happy and motivated?
What features do you love about the gym that you go to?

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